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Canon XA10 Professional Camcorder Video Review



  1. I have a few health and safety videos to film. Will this be suitable?


  3. alieninsurgent

    How the fuck is this a review??? 'Review' means you weigh the pros and cons to allow consumers to better understand the product. This fucking piece of shit video does non of that. Thanks for wasting my time you fucking dumb cunt.

  4. I think the great thing about the Sony lines are the lenses. You don't need large built-in Optical Zooms if you have a good selection of lenses. Remember: Optical Zoom > Digital Zoom.

  5. I did have a look at the nex-vg20 just yesterday and I am also thinking about that one now. I would like a 20x zoom which the XA10 does not have but it seems a 20x zoom reduces image quality in small camcorders and I dont really want to go physically bigger so Im now undecided , again Ha !

  6. No problem. Btw, have you considered the Sony NEX line? especially the Sony NEX-VG20. Looks to be around the same price as this Canon, but maybe better suited for your needs if your doing wildlife. I'm only suggesting it because it will be my choice between the 2. DSLR capability without some of the limitations (heat, recording time, better sound, etc).

  7. I wish I could help recommending a compressor but my knowledge in the digital video world is almost zero. …..but Im sure someone will read your post and have the info you need.

  8. No problem. These were things no one mentioned to me prior to purchasing my camcorder. Now, I have to research a compression tool. I'm on a budget so I don't want to purchase Apple Compressor. Please let me know if you can recommend a free utility for compression. Thanks.

  9. Once again thanks for your time , I have a beefy iMac and my laptop is a top spec Macbook pro retina with ssd drive. I do have use of FCPX as well as APP. Ive been putting off buying a camcorder but your replies have given me confidence to go ahead and I really like the XA10 , what a neat little thing it is.
    As said previously Im only planning to do short 10 min wildlife videos alongside my photography, I wouldn't consider doing big stuff or weddings its just a hobby.

  10. I can't speak for Premiere Pro, but I use the "import from camera/camcorder" option when uploading the footage into FCPX. I assume that Premiere Pro has a similar upload option. This should ensure that all file directories are used during upload of your file footage. Depending on the quality of your recording, editor settings, etc. this can take some time. I hope you have a robust computer your using for editing especially your GPU/card.

  11. Thanks again ,this is the information that should be on the internet, facts. I have read somewhere that the whole folder and directories need to be uploaded but as Im new to video and the jargon I admit i dont fully understand all of it.
    Could I ask you how do you ensure that you upload all of the folder and directories and not make the mistake of just the video ? Ive bought Macbook pro , Premiere pro, Im just wanting to make small wildlife videos alongside photography so nothing major.

  12. I can only speculate. I'm guessing that 1) they are attempting to upload the actual video footage only not realizing that NLE's such as FCPX & APP require the entire folders containing the directories 2) maybe they're using editing software such as iMovie that does not accept AVCHD. One caveat: most newer video recorders have an Apple-friendly recording format. For example: Panasonic now offers "iFrame" which is useable for iMovie.

  13. Im just on the verge of buying one of these little beauties but looking for some answers to a couple of questions. How can this camcorder have such great images with only one CCD ? Does it compare in picture quality as say a Panasonic HS900 3CCD ?

  14. Thanks for the info , I have also been told recently that Premiere pro also accepts AVCHD without conversion. Im now wondring why so many people are having problems and having to convert to different codecs, can you throw any light on that ?


  15. I think I still would get the Sony NEX-VG20.

  16. I agree with you on having a universal recording format. However, FCPX does accept AVCHD without conversion.

  17. yes, you can.

  18. It imports into Final Cut Pro just fine.

  19. Coltrane Davis

    Thanks! Is the sound quality superb for music recording?

  20. Considering that many people are having difficulty editing with AVCHD in editing software ( see Apple forums for all the problems) and AVCHD needs to be converted to a codec that editing software recognises I would love to hear on all future reviews how easy it really is to edit the footage. its about time all manufacturers and computer people get their act together and make every thing compatible.

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