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  1. Isle Of Wight Alternative Attractions

    Great review.
    Thank you.

  2. Hello Lisa,
    I noticed this camera does not have a built-in flash. Is it an important negativity of the 6D in particular?
    I've been considering this camera and the 5D, Im leaning toward the 6D for the price. A quick response will help a lot.
    Thanks in advance!

  3. i bought this and the same lens a month ago. great lens too, as i've heard people say it is not too good. but i really have nothing else to compare it to, except the 85 1.8 i bought too. for what i use it for, it is awesome.

  4. I bought my 6D 5 days ago and I'm using it with a 15mm Canon Fisheye lens. Nice review

  5. Hi there
    Did not enjoy a review about anything on YouTube as much as I enjoyed this, I am using cameras since 1980, you made me fell in love with the 6d, you grabbed my attention from the first to the last second, you are just great
    Thanks for the excellent review

  6. Камера canon 6d. Обзор



  8. Sunnycoast Videos

    This was actually a very good review.  Thanks for discussing the size of your hands in comparison to the camera – small bodies cause my hands to cramp sometimes so it was handy to know.

  9. U Dhammaratana Thero

    Miss, I need to buy 70D from your and would like to know how many prices about this model?

  10. Can you please learn your cameras before you create a video that makes absolutely no sense.

  11. Does anyone know how this compares to Nikon D610 or D750?

  12. The A65 is not mirror-less, there is very clearly a mirror in there. It is however, a translucent mirror. The mirror doesn't flip up, but it is still used to feed info to the EVF. In my opinion, they are far worse than typical DLSRs because the have an EVF instead of OVF, and that translucent mirror takes about .5 to 1 whole stop of light from the sensor.

  13. Great Review. Nice Work.

  14. Very decent review, you know your stuff. Thanks.

  15. knightrider3000

    6D is great. it's at par with nikon d7100/d7200 and fuji x-t1 image quality. maybe a little less image quality, but it's complimented with large sensor means better out of focus area and noise performance. the only negative is the focusing system for the price range. better than 5d mark 2 obviously, since that beast is not good with JPG shooting and around 30% less focusing accuracy compared to 6d. ergonomically, 6d is like designed by Apple. simple, light and feels good to use. you just wanna go out and shoot with it all day. it's not too heavy unlike 5d mark 2,3 and 7d mark 1 and 2. if dont want x cropping your lens and get a full frame, 6d is a good start until something with similar light full frame camera comes out

  16. Stanley YelnatsDotCom

    vertical banding in many situations with video….disappointing with the canon 6d… I'm hoping this is a low light situation and will work well with more light…

  17. Mahir ALShowdari

    thank you

  18. what's the difference between cannon 70d and 6d? please answer, thanks

  19. loved your video lisa, but just saying, avchd is still using h264 codec, just different profile setting and container.

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