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  1. ThyBallisticLui “Slayer” 57

    That is way too expensive, especially for me, a full time student.

  2. If i buy this camera i might have to live in the box it comes in :(

  3. Awesome Tie fighter and ATAT!

  4. Steve Similien

    I have question. How do you get the items to review? Do you buy everything or….??

  5. James Smallwood

    Sony has a great partner in Zeiss. Zeiss optics are my favorite and their binoculars are outstanding as well!

  6. useless cam

  7. Freddie Slaughter

    What is the cost for this set-up? Is this camera as good as a DSLR?

  8. hey karl, what mic do you use for your videos in general? (:

  9. Michael Michael

    The Sony A7rii is so dope, I switched from canon 5dmrk 3

    I do miss that 5D mark 3 very much😿

    Canon and Nikon has been holding back on us for yrs, with Sony they give you everything plus more, you've got to respect that.

    Sony are the future, very exciting time in photography 😊.

  10. David Harrison

    Hi enjoyed the video. I'm currently thinking of changing systems. Just wondered the Sony similar size to a dslr with the lens on? If so why not by a dslr? Thanks

  11. ComeUntoChrist

    Are you wearing a omega planet ocean??

  12. Angie Nahimana

    Is this camera great for micro shots? I am looking for a camera to utilize outdoors and take lots of photos of nature and also videos for my blog.. Any advice?

  13. I use the Sony a5100 for my videos & it's honestly great considering that it's generally cheap. Though my only big problem is that it tends to overheat. But sometimes it doesn't overheat when I film, but it's pretty rare.

  14. >.> dream cam, altough i am not a fan of mirrorless this would be amaznig

  15. best than DSLR .

  16. I. Want. This. Camera. !!!

  17. Shikhar Bhatnagar

    Do you use only one lens with your r2 ?

  18. I really want the Sony a6000!

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