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5 best mirrorless Cameras compared – Mirrorless in NYC Conclusion



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  1. Any plan to do an update? Would be great to know what you think are the best overall and the best value for money…

  2. FuckingTankGirl

    Thank you for the video! I would love an update one. I really would love to have more idea and especially a talk about canon and nikon mirrorless….

  3. Amrin Jahan Anika

    How about lumix g 7

  4. Octopus Incinerator

    Sony a6000?

  5. Ideal mirrorless Camera 2016

    HATE THIS STUPID still cameras have to do video !!!

    1. Includes in-camera stabilization (Sony and Oly)
    2. Tilt or articulating screen with full touch control, including activating the shutter release (Oly)
    3. 24 MP sensor is fine, 20 – 30 is sufficient
    4. Separate control dial for exposure comp (many manufacturers
    5. EVF that is bright (Oly)
    6. Simple video of 1080i, don’t want 4k 10k, 20k video (if I wanted a video camera I’d buy one)
    7. Foucs peaking indicator (Sony)
    8. Dual SD card slots on the side, not under the camera
    9. Offering of lenses with max F4 for example, 16-105 f4 if crop sensor or 24-105 or 135 f4 if FF I in a METAL moujnt (not Nikon plastic mount) without spending $1000 per lens
    10. Ability to have lenses focus clockwise or counter-clockwise (Oly)

  6. all depend on your budget,and intention of what to do with it,they all good camera,in the end you have to do your own test

  7. What do you shoot your videos with?

  8. Vasilis Karaman

    In my opinion there should be a place for samsung nx500 among these 5 cameras.

  9. Hi Matt,
    What adapter do you use on the A6000 for Tamron FX lens used on Nikon D750?

  10. Great video. Very interesting info. Im looking for a second camera to back up my XT-1. Thank you.

  11. the Sony a6000 should be on that list. Its a great camera with the faster focus in the world with 24 mp, 11fps etc. Im a little disappointed about it

  12. Thanks for the great work. That was more than just interesting. I love those head to head reviews. One small hint for improvement: After a while the music got very distracting.

  13. You should also wear trousers and underpants for your videos. Ive heard you do these videos naked from the T shirt down which makes me feel uncomfortable

  14. Thanks for your videos Matt. I hope your health is well!

  15. Stefan Hundhammer

    I really like your content, but why do you have to torment our ears with that horrible background music? All that does is to make you harder to understand.

  16. Hello Matt,

    I do sincerely thank you for all your valuable videos and I wish you all the best.

    I am an amateur photographer and I want to turn pro. I'm basically interested in still imagery, namely Architecture, Decoration, Products and Macro.

    I'm using T5i but I want to upgrade to pro level and I'm considering moving to Sony Mirrorless full frame.

    Is moving to Sony Mirrorless a good decision? Or investing in 5D MIII and EF lenses, or moving to Nikon D800 something?

    What would you recommend?

    Thanks again for all your tips and for your advice in advance.


  17. sony a7s vs fujifilm xt1?
    fujinon xf 56mm f/1.2 r vs sigma 50mm art 1.4?
    i demand a response.

  18. νικος γιώργος

    big letters on screen really really annoying,so is this music

  19. George Migaris

    If you want the best mirrorless take Sony!

  20. magic thank you

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